After experiencing a mental health breakdown and suicidal thoughts in University Hayley was ready to end it all until one day she realised if she doesn't try to get out of the darkness now, who will help the thousands of young people who are going through darkness too?

Hayley decided she wanted to share her story to help others see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hayley has now travelled the globe impacting over 40,000 people sharing her story in keynote presentations and running sessions on how how to improve their mental well being and find power in their vulnerability.

Her self-development book "The ABCs To Student Success". highlights her experience of battling and overcoming suicide and she uses the alphabet to teach others how to cope when you face different trials and tribulations.

"The ABCs To Student Success"  has been rated 4.9* on Amazon and readers have highlighted how this book has influenced them to not only be more productive but to hold onto hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hayley uses this book to be transparent about her story to empower others to share theirs. This book has helped thousands become more transparent about their mental health. This book has helped reinstill a voice to the voiceless and bring hope to the hopeless. 



Hayley has worked with world-leading organisations such as Microsoft, PwC and JP Morgan, she has worked and spoken with Senior Leaders sharing insight on well-being and Millenials. Hayley has worked with leaders all over the world,  recently Hayley worked with senior leaders within Microsoft in Redmond helping them understand how to engage with young talent as well as cultivate and create an environment where colleagues/workers can feel vulnerable. Hayley has also worked with young talent, running workshops on resilience and well-being, giving tips on how to deal with workplace pressure and communicate effectively when things may be going wrong.


Hayley has not only worked with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organisations but has impacted thousands within the public sector, Hayley has worked with well-established institutes across the UK and Africa; one of them being, Cambridge University.

Hayley has had the privilege of working with inner-city kids in New York City and students from the top international schools in East Africa. 

Hayley story has graced the most profound venues such as The Houses of Parliament, Wembley Arena, Oslo Spektrum and so much more. Hayley has shared the stage with voices such as Holly Branson, Paul Polman Lord Hastings and Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London). Many have been touched by her story, workshops and seminars describing them as "life-changing" or "sensational"

Hayley is one person that is able to empower all types of people in a way they'll never forget. 







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