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October 2, 2017

New Month = New Blessings!


WOW 2017 is flying by so quickly! I remember New Years Day as if it was yesterday! I am beyond grateful to see the 10th month of the year and I declare that this month will be prosperous, joyful, peaceful and meaningful (CAN I GET AN AMEN?) AMEN.



As we’ve entered into a new month I really want to talk about the importance of knowing what season you're in. Normally there's 4 seasons in the UK (lol that's what they tell us anyway) Spring, Summer (which hardly ever happens lol) Autumn and Winter.. The world goes through different seasons and we always know when a season is changing by the signs the world shows us like the leaves changing colours, temperature, weather change etc. I find it funny how we are able to know when seasons are changing in the world but we aren’t able to understand when the season is changing in our lives.


In life we go through different seasons and each one is there to teach us different things, so learn to embrace every single season in your life - the good, the bad and the ugly, because they’re there to shape and prepare you for the next. Sometimes we’re working when we’re actually meant to be resting, some of us should be making new friends instead of staying in contact with old ones, or we should be inside reading instead of outside networking - for different seasons there's different requirements. You wouldn't wear a bikini/swimming bottoms in the freezing cold right? Why? Because that's not the right requirement for that specific season.

Therefore, it’s important to understand your life experiences are FOR YOU and YOU only. The trees in Africa aren’t worrying about the ones in the UK - so don't worry about what everyone else is experiencing, worry about yourself. If someone is in their winter, it doesn't mean you will be too, and the beautiful thing is that the world teaches us this.

Australia has a complete different season clock to us because they're in a different time-zone. People around you are in their time zone and you are in yours, so your life experiences will always be different - life is all about knowing what season you're in and knowing how to act accordingly in that time frame. People around you may seem to be in front or behind you, but that's not necessarily not true, it's just that they're in their season and you’re in yours.

There's many seasons in life but here's what I feel are the main 4:


Winter (Cold/Rocky Season)

Spring (Birth Season)

Summer (Hot/Best Season)

Autumn (Death Season)


Cold Season:


There's times in our lives when things are cold, or everything’s going wrong and we don't even know what to do.. You start to feel tired, frustrated and fed up because there's just no peace. This season is one of the hardest ones but actually the most beautiful too - it’s hard because you can't express the coldness in your life so you just become isolated because you feel it's easier to keep everything inside (e.g you want to stay in your house and keep warm), however most people say it's better to work out when it's cold because you want to show off that body in the summer (it's the same with life)

A time of isolation is a place of elevation, it's allowing you to get more intimate with yourself and more importantly, God - allowing yourself to deal with things you don't want to and WORK IT OUT. A work out isn’t easy, it's hard - things need to rip, muscles need to tear and sometimes you need to be teared up to be built up - some of the most beautiful things are conceived in the coldest places because you never know how strong a person is until they're able to stand a storm.. You never how strong you are until you go through the cold, and whatever attributes you learn in the midst of it (perseverance, humility, wisdom) are attributes you can use to help you for all seasons in your life.



Birth Season:


Some of the most beautiful things come from a place of pain, and it’s by being in times of darkness and coldness that some of the most beautiful stories are born. There is no testimony without a test, and God will sometimes use that cold season (your test) to birth a beautiful testimony - testimony in Hebrew means "do it again". And as you birth one testimony, trust me you will birth many more (many cold seasons also lead to many birth ones too).


Hot Season:


Life is sweet, God is good and there's so much to be grateful for - yes you're going through problems here and there but it's okay to be happy, it's okay to be in a place of peace. Sometimes this world makes it seem like it's a crime to be happy and enjoy life but NO!

You will encounter a season in your life where the sun is shinning and things are going good - whether this happens for a day, month or year, this season is a season that always comes to pass.



Death Season:


The reality is, nothing lasts forever and things do come to an end. Sometimes it's friendships, other times it's business, or even relationships, and this season can be a difficult one (just like the cold season) but it's a season which is so beautiful as well, because when good things fall apart, it opens up the opportunity for better things to fall together, and I definitely feel this is a great place to grow because you learn to let Go and Let God.



Right now I’m in a season called "be still and know that I am God", which has allowed me to disengage from the world and engage with God. Now a lot of people are always asking me why have I taken this time out to just seek God and I always reply back with the example of a phone - a phone can't be used until it has power, so how does that phone get more power? by charging! I can't move around and do what I need to do until I am charged and plugged to the source (God). I charge up by watching sermons, prayer, worship, reading and just giving thanks to God. For a majority of 2017 I have worked with over 10,000 people alone and been so active, I've done my book tours, travelled to Africa, America, across the UK, different radio and TV stations but I haven't been still, and I felt that in my being in this season, it’s one of just being still and in fellowship with God (I am not going to lie, this is most peace I have had for the whole year and I am so happy God has allowed me to be in this season in my life).


Knowing the season I am in has given me so much peace and I pray this post can help you define what season you're in too.



Please leave a comment below or feel free to contact me - hayley@hayleymulenda.comif you have any questions or any requests for blog posts..





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