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December 26, 2017

I can't believe this is going to be the last post for 2017. This year has flown by! Pretty scary to think January was 11 months away even though it feels like it was yesterday?! I hope you had a lovely Christmas by the way! Praying more joy and peace will flow with you into the New Year!



Before we wrap up the year I want to talk about evaluation.



Before you can move onto the next chapter you need to be able to sit down and reflect on this one. Evaluation isn't just going through the WWW (what went well) but highlighting the EBI (Even better Ifs) now there's somethings that took place this year were not down to us and we shouldn't focus on the things that can't control but the things that we can.



You may have not had a control regarding jobs, friends, relationships, money, health and so much more but one thing you did have a choice in is character, love, joy, personality, honesty and integrity. Can you say you are happy with the person you are today? The honesty you've shown the world? The integrity you've shown to others?  The best way to improve yourself is to be critical of yourself, it's okay to let your wall down sometimes and admit that you're not perfect.. imperfection is beautiful, why? because it means there's still room for improvement.. What's the point of life if you're not living? The whole aspect of living is to evolve and elevate...elevation comes from evaluation.



There's been a few mistakes I have made this year, lol more than a few but I am holding myself accountable to that and using this time to really think about how this year went - your 2017 WILL IMPACT your 2018, whether you like it or not! so don't write off this year, as the decisions you make today will impact your life tomorrow! Use the next few days to journal, reflect and think back over 2017..


Ask yourself :

what made you cry? and why?

what made you smile? and why?

who hurt you? who do you need to forgive?

who did you annoy this year? who did you let down? and how?

what mistakes did you make?

your greatest lesson of 2017? 

whats been your greatest reward?

what are you grateful for?

who are you grateful for?


I could go on and on asking you questions that will help you sum up this year because it's so important! Please use the next few days to think about YOU. so many times we are thinking about finances, family, relationships and health that we sometimes forget to focus on ourselves and our self development, emotional development, our mental development.


"Before you can live your best life in 2018, you need to first become the best you" - Hayley Mulenda 




5 tips on how to do a great annual evaluation

  1. Get a journal/ have somewhere to note all of this down

  2. Use those questions as template

  3. Let your guard down and be honest with yourself

  4. Spend sometime to sit down, meditate and reflect on this year (PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE)

  5. Call someone and talk about how your year went


(P.S you can even call me - CLICK HERE if you want to book a phone meeting before 2018 - LIMITED SPACES)






This event will focus on building you and elevating you to greater heights! This event will be focusing on how to build you up mentally and emotionally - before you can live your best life, you need to become the best you!

Learn how to build next year by surrounding yourself with like minded people and hearing from those who don't just show you the way but GO THE WAY TOO! 

I have got some amazing guest speakers! Those who are experts in their industry and who operate in not just wisdom but also SUCCESS!





Wishing you a prosperous 2018 and praying you will reach greater heights!!



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